Günter Frankenberg

Authoritarianism - Perspectives of Constitutional Theory

With numerous illustrations
(German title: Autoritarismus)
ca. 373 pages
Günter Frankenberg

Günter Frankenberg

Günter Frankenberg is Professor of Public Law, the Philosophy of Law, and Comparative Law at Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main.

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Why do authoritarian states create constitutions? Is it enough to simply brush them aside as mere façades or a »constitution without a constitutional culture«? No, it is not, says Günter Frankenberg, and shows in his latest book that, as texts written for a public, they need to be taken seriously as well as criticised.

Participation as complicity, power as private property, and the cult of directness as essential features of authoritarian constitutionalism abet the imaginary community of rulers and the ruled and shape the different variants of authoritarian constitutional practice – from fascism through kleptocracy and patrimonial systems through populism.

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