Angelika Felenda

Autumn Storm - Reitmeyer’s Third Case

Crime Novel
(German title: Herbststurm)
ca. 437 pages
Angelika Felenda
Foto: Angelika Felenda

Angelika Felenda studied History and German Philology, and now lives in Munich where she works as a literary translator.

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50.000 copies of the Reitmeyer series sold


Investigations in two murder cases lead the unflappable Munich Detective Reitmeyer into the circles of Russian Monarchists in exile who had settled in the city after the October Revolution. And it is these very circles that his best friend, lawyer Sepp Leitner, has his eye out for the daughter of a distinguished Russian nobleman, to top up his salary.  But what does the disappearance of Anya Alexandrova have to do with the two dead men?

Munich, 1922. Inflation is galloping; because of the reparation demands placed on Germany, the French Legation comes under attack; and members of the recently prohibited Freikorps are pillaging and plundering in the city. Life could be pretty good for Inspector Reitmeyer, however – his relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Caroline, is on an easier footing now. But his investigations into ex-soldiers gone to seed and dubious Russian ladies are proving more difficult than expected – particularly when his suspicions seem corroborated, that his worst enemy is sitting in his own ranks.


»An excellent combination of descriptive historical ambience and exciting thriller.« Focus Online

»Full of surprising twists and turns and peppered with historical facts, Winter Storm holds the reader in its power right from the start.« freundin

»Angelika Felenda understands how to thread history into exciting thrillers.« Hessischer Rundfunk

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