Johannes Groschupf

Berlin Heat - Thriller

(German title: Berlin Heat)
ca. 256 pages
Johannes Groschupf
Foto: Johannes Groschupf
© Mike Auerbach

Johannes Groschupf, born in Braunschweig in 1963, grew up in Lüneburg. After studying German Studies, American Studies and Journalism at the Free University of Berlin, he worked as an independent travel journalist for many years for publications such as DIE ZEIT, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Frankfurter Rundschau. In 1994, he survived a helicopter crash in the Sahara. Based on this experience, 1998 saw the creation of the radio feature Der Absturz (»The Crash«), which was awarded the Robert Geisendörfer Prize the following year. After that, he focused on literary works, first and foremost in the field of young adult literature, as well as articles for Der Tagesspiegel and Die Welt. For his thriller Berlin Preppers, he was awarded the German Crime Fiction Prize 2019.

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A suspenseful and exciting top-notch thriller – and a comédie humaine of the Berlin of our days

The new thriller by the winner of the German Crime Fiction Prize 2019


Berlin is boiling hot in the first summer after the pandemic. The tourists are back in Party City, there are excessive parties everywhere, people are enjoying the time after the lockdown. Good business for Tom Lohoff, the facilitator, who has apartments, all kinds of drugs, sex and access to top clubs on offer for the party crowd from all over the world. And he has large gambling debts with a local gangster who runs a brutal gang. Tom, a gambling addict since his teens, needs money, no matter where from, even if he has to lie and cheat and steal from his last remaining friend and his father.

The city is also politically hot. Federal elections are going to be held in a few weeks and the neo-Nazis are staging the kidnapping of one of their politicians as a false flag operation to catch back votes – and Tom has unwittingly let them one of his flats for the purpose. Things quickly spin out of control, one of the neo-Nazis falls out of a window of the flat on the 13th floor; meanwhile, the gangster is losing the little patience he has and kidnaps Tom’s girlfriend Marla, forcing her to work in a strip club, and on top of that, the tough and cunning policewoman Romina attaches herself to his heels. Breathlessly, Tom has to rush through Berlin, always under pressure, always in danger, always in desperate search of money – if only there wasn’t this psychotic neo-Nazi he is unable to shake. Heat storms are crackling above the city, and a bloody shootout ensues at the Brandenburg Gate and above the former Führerbunker.

Berlin Heat imitates the beat of the city. Fast-paced, pulpy, full of action and witty, wisecracking dialogue, sex, drugs and sudden violence. A dance on the volcano where disaster can happen at any moment. The ultimate Berlin thriller, with its very own sound and groove. Award-winning author Johannes Groschupf tells the dark secrets of Berlin like no other contemporary author because he knows every inch of his turf – and the people of Berlin.


»A book with fast-paced laconic dialogues à l’Elmore Leonard. A rhapsody of noir, atmospheric like James Ellroy, and deprived of any hope that Berlin has never seen before.« Alexander Kluy, Buchkultur Krimi on Berlin Preppers

»An urban novel with a sound grasp of contemporary developments.« Peter Körte, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Berlin Preppers

»A breath-taking horror trip through a dismal Berlin. […] Groschupf tells the gloomy story tough and directly, but at the same time with dry humour and a sure sense for situational comedy.« Hanspeter Eggenberger, Tages-Anzeiger on Berlin Preppers


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