Ulla Berkéwicz

Beyond Script

(German title: Über die Schrift hinaus)
ca. 160 pages
Ulla Berkéwicz
Foto: Ulla Berkéwicz
© Daniel Devecioglu

Ulla Berkéwicz was born in Gießen. She attended the Academy of Music in Frankfurt/Main and for many years acted with the Münchener Kammerspiele and Hamburg Schauspielhaus. Upon publication of her debut  Josef stirbt in 1982 she gave up acting and since has published several novels, stories and works for the stage. She lives in Berlin where she is the publisher of Suhrkamp Verlag.

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Based on Vedic, Jewish and mathematictopological knowledge, Ulla Berkéwicz’ new work, comprised of two corresponding parts which reflect each other, invites us to discern what restricts our consciousness.

In a stunning poetic fantasy, a poet partisan crosses the threshold of narration and a mathematic rebel transcends the countability of numbers during the thirteenth hour of the night of Shrove Tuesday. That leads a society of potentates, artists and bourgeois to break the mold in a way that allows them to follow the two into their freedom of the imagination. The fundamental humanistic and scientific idea of this anarchic spectacle evolves into a piece of prose that is as provocative as it is uncompromising. It reveals what could be possible if we would stop restricting our cognitive abilities to our three-dimensional sphere and instead let our imagination run wild and into areas that aren’t confined by the concepts of time and space.


»Beyond Script is a meditation on the mythical sources of the power of thought which have been lost in the modern age – but with a surprising turn. ... As if casting some kind of spell Ulla Berkéwicz transforms everything into a mystery play – in our present Renaissance of straightforward realism,
it has a refreshingly old-fashioned feel.« Alexander Cammann, DIE ZEIT

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