Friederike Mayröcker


(German title: Cahier)
ca. 192 pages
Friederike Mayröcker
Foto: Friederike Mayröcker
© Brigitte Friedrich

Friederike Mayröcker was born in 1924 in Vienna. From 1946-69 she taught English at various secondary schools in Vienna. Her first literary works date back to 1939. She published poems in a journal as of 1946, in 1956 her first book came out. Since then she has written poetry, prose, plays, radio plays and children's books. She has been honoured with numerous distinguished national and international literary awards, among them:

Bremer Literaturpreis 2011

Peter-Huchel-Preis 2010

Hermann-Lenz-Preis 2010

Premio Internazionale 2003

Georg-Büchner-Preis 2001

Karl-Sczuka-Preis 2001

America Award Prize 1997

Else-Lasker-Schüler-Preis 1996

Friedrich-Hölderlin-Preis 1993

Erich-Nossack-Preis 1989

Anton-Wildgans-Preis 1982

Großer Österreichischer Staatspreis 1982

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Friederike Mayröcker doesn’t have time. Neither for résumé and memory, nor for extensive observations and reasoning and certainly not for storytelling. She doesn’t even have time for life itself if it isn’t one of writing. What counts is poetry alone, as well as »the echo-like inventions« contained in her writings, of a life that has lasted for almost a century already. On the outside, this life may be subjected to the impositions of the finitude of all human existence – on the inside and in its transformation into the eternal moment, it is constantly gaining new ways of experiencing: »(The years are becoming more incredible), the blue, slits of the sky, am ambivalent.«

After the édtudes, the »shreddings« and fragments, Friederike Mayröcker has now created a »cahier or booklet«, as she calls it, the second installment of a trilogy. In radically concentrated language and compellingly beautiful images, she showcases a life that follows only one maxim: »not only the written but existence as well hasz to be poetic.«


»What a declaration of love to the German language« Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Fragments full of wisdom and beauty« Norbert Hummelt, Der Tagesspiegel

»cahier is the second installment of Friederike Mayröcker’s trilogy with ›prose-textures‹. In it, she moves between poetry and prose with wonderful ease.« Carola Wiemers, Deutschlandfunk

»With cahier, Friederike Mayröcker has created a masterpiece. This volume is dense like a rock and tender like the most delicate of membranes. This notebook stands adamant in German literature. But everyone who wishes to do so, can take it to the heart of their own life.« Klaus Kastberger, Die Presse, Wien

»A highly poetic book, more a musical score than a piece of writing. More evidence for Friederike Mayröcker’s virtuosity.« Silvia Hess, Buchkultur Dezember 2014

»... cahier is a sum, a ›moreandmore‹, atop of which Friederike Mayröcker sits, smiling and wise.« Paul Jandl, Die Literarische Welt

»The consistent sustainability with which the poet drives her sophisticated method of literary bionics […] to the edge of reason is breathtaking yet again.« Michaela Schmitz, Literaturhaus Wien

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Sold to:

France (Atelier de l'Agneau), Bulgaria (Ergo)

Scardanelli/Scardanelli (2009)

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USA (The Song Cave), Spain (Ediciones de Aqui), Sweden (Ellerströms), Hungary (Pluralica)

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English world rights (Northwestern UP – published, rights reverted), France (Atelier de l'Agneau – published, rights reverted)

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Sold to:

English world rights (Ariadne Press), France (Atelier de l’Agneau), Italy (Sellerio – published, rights reverted), Denmark (Palomar), Hungary (Jelenkor Kiado – published, rights reverted), Lithuania (Reklamos Vertimo Leidybos Vad – published, rights reverted)