Gabriele Diechler

Chocolate Days - Novel

(German title: Schokoladentage)
ca. 478 pages
Gabriele Diechler
Foto: Gabriele Diechler

Gabriele Diechler, born in Cologne, lives and works in the Salzkammergut, Austria. After many years of working as a screenwriter and dramaturge, she now mainly writes novels and YA-fiction.

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On chocolate dreams, the best dreams come true

After An English Summer and Lavender Dreams the new novel by bestselling author Gabriele Diechler

A magical love story in the picturesque alleys of Salzburg


Alwy is newly in love, the smart-looking lawyer Leon is her dream man. And it’s looking promising in her job, too. Life could be glorious – if the young patissière didn’t have to fear for her professional existence all of a sudden. The building that houses her cake studio has been sold to an investor who wants to renovate the property and evict the tenants. Her friend and partner Bettina is of little help to Alwy, because she’s got problems of her own: She is pregnant and the future baby daddy’s reaction is not the one she had hoped for. Alwy fights for her shop, not knowing the impact this is going to have on her life …

An enchanting novel about the magic of love, the power of friendship and the highs and lows of life – optimistic, thrilling and full of warmth


»This enchanting novel goes great with these dark winter evenings.« Märkische LebensArt

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