Bernward Gesang

Climate Ethics

(German title: Klimaethik)
ca. 200 pages
Bernward Gesang

Bernward Gesang

Bernward Gesang, Professor of Philosophy, focusing on Business Ethics at the University of Mannheim.

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Although climate change is a pressing theme of our times, convincing climate ethics have yet to emerge. This book looks for an answer to the question of how political action has to be evaluated regarding the responsibility towards future generations.

From the point of view of climate ethics on the subject of climate protection, the following crucial questions still need resolving: Do future generations have absolute rights? How great a burden do existing generations have to bear for the welfare of future ones? Can emerging markets be forced to decelerate their development to ensure climate protection?

Bernward Gesang lays out the scientific facts and reactions to date concerning climate ethics. He develops a utilitarian position on climate ethics and looks for consensus between the various ethics on which basis political measures can be evaluated.