Serhij Zhadan

Democratic Youth Anthem

Original Ukrainian title: Гімн демократичної молоді, published in 2006 by Folio, Kharkiv
(German title: Hymne der demokratischen Jugend)
ca. 185 pages
Serhij Zhadan
Foto: Serhij Zhadan
© Meridian Czernowitz

Serhij Zhadan was born in 1974 in Starobilsk, near Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, and studied German at Kharkiv University. Since 1991, he has been one of the leading figures on the Kharkiv scene.

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Russia (Amphora), Poland (Czarne), Slovakia (Brak), Bulgaria (Paradox)


San Sanytsch, a wrestler with a highschool diploma, joins the »Boxers for Justice and Social Adaptation« who form a brigade of security guards controlling the markets near the tractor factory. After he is almost killed testing the strength of a bulletproof vest, he decides to become the business partner of Goga, a former classmate who returned from the Chechen war and dreams of owning his own club. In a dilapidated sandwich shop named Bread-and-Butter Bar, they open the city's first gay club.

For some years, the eastern-Ukrainian metropolis of Charkiv has been bustling with people full of unusual business ideas and a sense for market niches. Some of them decide to become undertakers and establish the »House of the Dead« - and make fools of themselves with a power-point-presentation in Budapest; others devote themselves to the specialties of smuggling human organs and trade visas as well as prostitutes at the EU's external boarders.

Just like in Depeche Mode, Serhiy Zhadan pulls out all the stops and in six humorous, fastpaced episodes paints the portraits of a few heroes of the transformation era - players in a society that will soon spit them out.

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