Daniel Martin Feige

Design - A philosophical analysis

(German title: Design)
ca. 250 pages
Daniel Martin Feige

Daniel Martin Feige

Daniel Martin Feige is junior professor of philosophy and aesthetics with particular focus on design at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.

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Whether furniture, hoardings, websites, clothing, pictograms, cars, or urban spaces: design is omnipresent. Only in philosophy has it up until now not received (almost) any consideration.

Daniel Martin Feige closes this gap by presenting a series of basic concepts that have to do with design, and presents design as an aesthetic praxis with its own rules. According to his thesis, in the praxis of design, function also becomes aesthetic. This book is a contribution to a philosophy of design as much as it is an introduction to philosophical thought for designers and those interested in design in general.


»Good design allows for a good life, Feige believes. The wealth of his new ideas and brave theoretical twists fits our times, which are increasingly being drawn up by conscious design decisions.« DIE ZEIT

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