Klaus Bittermann

Furniture at Home, But No Money for Alcohol - Scenes from Kreuzberg

Klaus Bittermann

Klaus Bittermann

Klaus Bittermann, author and editor, has been living in Kreuzberg for over thirty years.

He is a regular contributor to die tageszeitung, Junge Welt, and Jungle World.

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Kreuzberg nights are longer than ever – and world-famous. When the young people of this neighbourhood in the centre of Berlin declare a bridge over the Landwehr canal to be a must-visit, even the New York Times takes notice.

A visit to Kreuzberg is obligatory for all young Berlin tourists. They love all the new restaurants, bars, corner shops, health food shops and off licenses, as well as the typical Kreuzberg constellation of Turkish neighbours, ageing leftists, drunks, Romanian street musicians, whom Klaus Bittermann describes so wonderfully.

Gentrification? Klaus Bittermann, the »Doyen of Kreuzberg’s literary scene« (Süddeutsche Zeitung), takes us on a rollicking tour of the day-to-day madness of Kreuzberg. In a series of charming, laconic vignettes he shows how this part of Berlin will continue to stay true to itself – no matter how many tourists there are.