Green Maps to Save the World



KATAPULT creates trenchant graphics that readjust our outlook from the statistics and studies of the social sciences. The articles are written by scientists and editors. The magazine was founded in Greifswald in 2015 and appears quarterly.

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English world rights (Bodley Head), Chinese complex rights (Business Weekly), Italy (Vallardi Editore)

Over 100 answers to the most pressing questions of our time


How many trees are there per person? And how much of the earth’s surface is covered in concrete? To fly or not to fly? SUV or e-scooter? Paper or plastic? eBook or print edition? Does the individual even determine the future of the planet at all, or is it on politicians to act? Answers to these and many more questions can be found in the alarming, illuminating and inspiring maps created by Germany’s most innovative magazine.

At first glance it becomes clear how dramatic the condition of the planet is – but also how easy it would be to improve it.