Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen

Healing Through Nutrition - Eat Better – Fast Easier – Live Longer

The Latest Findings from Research and Practice
(German title: Mit Ernährung heilen)
ca. 368 pages
Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen
Foto: Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen
© Anja Lehmann / Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin

Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen, born in Bad Waldsee in 1961 as the son of a Kneipp-Doctor, is Professor of Clinical Complementary Medicine at the Charité University Medical Centre Berlin and Head of the Department of Internal and Complementary Medicine at Immanuel Hospital Berlin. Clinically and scientifically, the internist focuses on mind-body-medicine (meditation, yoga, stress reduction), nutritional medicine and therapeutic fasting as well as purging methods. In cooperation with his team, he conducts research into the efficacy of Ayurveda.

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Knowing about nutrition is the key to our health


Andreas Michalsen dedicates his new book to his biggest concern: making us healthier. In his very personal, knowledgeable and convincing style, he guides the reader towards a balanced and improved diet that can prevent illnesses or be directed at healing them. The book contains detailed schedules for regular fasting that are easily implemented into one’s daily routine. The author shows that the right diet not only provides the body with stimuli to activate regeneration and self-healing. It’s nothing less than the key to a longer life.

What are the essential foodstuffs and their nutrients, and which forms of nutrition – from a Mediterranean diet to a vegetarian or vegan diet – are the healthiest? Which type of fasting – therapeutic fasting, intermediate fasting or intermittent fasting – suits what type of person?

The latest findings from practice and the Charité’s own studies are supplemented with further current research findings. Michalsen’s new book is enlightening and groundbreaking, easily applied to everybody’s life, always following the credo: indulgence instead of abstinence.


»If you wish to change your diet sustainably in order to live longer and healthier, you can find many valuable suggestions in this book.« Spektrum.de

»There are many books on diet and fasting, but only few are as scientifically substantiated as Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen’s new book Healing Through Nutrition. […] He conveys his expertise on a diet that centers primarily around plants and on fasting programmes that are easily implemented in your daily life in a very personal, competent and convincing manner.« kolibri

»Healing Through Nutrition is one of the best among the numerous books on the topic of nutrition and fasting.« Pfälzischer Merkur

»[Michalsen] presents current research findings – and he provides valuable tips.« Frau mit Herz

»The book is easy to understand and appeals to people who wish to address their illnesses with fasting and dietary changes or to take preventative measures against chronic diseases in the first place.« Petra Kühne, Ernährungsrundbrief 

»Highly interesting, highly informative!« Gudrun Glock, a3regional.de

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