Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen

Healing Through the Power of Nature - A Plea for Modern Naturopathy

With assistance from Dr. Petra Thorbrietz / Edited by Friedrich-Karl Sandmann
(German title: Heilen mit der Kraft der Natur)
ca. 304 pages
Clothbound, with illustrations und infographics
Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen
Foto: Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen
© Anja Lehmann / Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin

Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen, born in Bad Waldsee in 1961 as the son of a Kneipp-Doctor, is Professor of Clinical Complementary Medicine at the Charité University Medical Centre Berlin and Head of the Department of Internal and Complementary Medicine at Immanuel Hospital Berlin. Clinically and scientifically, the internist focuses on mind-body-medicine (meditation, yoga, stress reduction), nutritional medicine and therapeutic fasting as well as purging methods. In cooperation with his team, he conducts research into the efficacy of Ayurveda.

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A passionate plea for a new medicine

Though conventional medicine continues to marginalise naturopathy, our society has long made up its mind: two thirds of all patients want to be treated with natural medicine. Many physicians still believe that natural medicines are just home remedies without any scientific basis. »False,« says Andreas Michalsen, Professor at the Charité Hospital of Berlin: »Modern naturopathy does indeed have a scientific basis, and it is the only answer to the rising number of cases of chronic pain.« Ambitions to return to natural medicine and methods of healing can be observed in many areas of the world, and Andreas Michalsen is one of the pioneers combining traditional healing and modern research in an innovative way.

Massive side effects und a lack of trust – drug-based therapy is at a dead end. Ever more researchers are becoming interested in the active principles of traditional therapies. Michalsen, Professor of Clinical Complementary Medicine at the Charité University Medical Centre Berlin and Head of the Department of Internal and Complementary Medicine at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin tells us why he left the conventional path of medicine and the potential of nature he discovers anew every day with his patients.

  • Eloquent, sound and incisive
  • Scientific Naturopathy explained clearly
  • A personal report with many patient examples



»The book Healing Through the Power of Nature will give orthodox medical practitioners headaches, because it might motivate many patients to ask for naturopathic treatment.« Petra Apfel, FOCUS ONLINE

»In an impressive way this book illustrates why traditional methods of healing are more timely than ever.« Karen Hoffschulte, Carsten Stiftung

»In his book Michalsen delivers sounds arguments against the division of medicine and for a modern approach to natural medicine.« Ulrike Abel-Wanek, Pharmazeutische Zeitung 16/2017

»Healing Through the Power of Nature offers guidance in the jungle of natural medicine.« SCHWEIZER FAMILIE

»Worthwile.« HÖRZU 20/2017

»Heilen mit der Kraft der Natur reflects the current state of the reputable natural medicine.« PSORIASIS-NETZ.DE

»In Germany, Andreas Michalsen is one of the first to combine traditional medical knowledge with the latest research, in the most innovative way.« LINDA APOTHEKE – DAS MAGAZIN 1272017

»Michalsen’s work is an important contribution to the establishment of medical naturopathy and its place in medical care as well as therapy.« Naturmed Depesche