Eva Demski

I’ll Carry My Suitcase Myself - Memoirs

(German title: Den Koffer trag ich selber)
ca. 397 pages
Eva Demski
Foto: Eva Demski
© Isolde Ohlbaum

Eva Demski, born in 1944 in Regensburg, now lives in Frankfurt on the Main. Her literary work has won her many awards. In 2008 Eva Demski was awarded the Frankfurt Anthology Prize.

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A love of anarchy


Despite the odds, a life which shouldn’t have been at all becomes colourful and exciting. Being a constant part of this life, farewells can be countered by encounters and stories though the feeling that this is all a game continues throughout unabated. Eva Demski gathers together others’ lives, those both known and unknown; leading lights of literature like Reich-Ranicki, Koeppen, Kempowski, and Rose Ausländer share their stories, but over and over again she also seeks out outsiders and finds them. She has her own dead poets society, too. Her early life in Regensburg is one of incense and cigarette smoke, then there’s the theatre, and becoming a young adult in politically instable times. These times become even more unstable, however, when her husband, a lawyer for the Red Army Faction, suddenly dies and the police become interested in her.

A very personal book filled with unsentimental memories of a life with its share of beautiful and terrible surprises, snapshots that reflect German history over the last few decades.


»The fair, the book fair, the centre of the world, wrapped in autumn fog. I’ve been coming here for more than half a century and have played almost all the roles this event has to offer. However, the last and perhaps most interesting is now that of clairvoyant.«

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