Ebba D. Drolshagen

Knit One, Purl One - Knitting Stories

With numerous pictures
(German title: Zwei rechts, zwei links)
ca. 240 pages
Ebba D. Drolshagen

Ebba D. Drolshagen

Ebba D. Drolshagen, translator and bestselling author, learned to knit from her mother as a child. She knits every day and has a particular passion for eight-leafed roses.

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The first cultural history of knitting: informative, entertaining and full of anecdotes


The Norwegian star is the most famous pattern on winter jumpers around the world. But how did it come about? It was conceived in 1857 by a young Norwegian girl, who tried to knit gloves with two differently coloured types of wool while herding goats. Other people noticed the gloves when she wore them to church and soon the octagonal star became a signature feature for the entire region. In cold Norway it carries a poetic name: eight-leafed rose.

Ebba D. Drolshagen recounts many such stories about knitting: How and where it developed, how it has changed over the centuries, who knitted and what was knitted. She tells of knitting for a living, of passing time with it and of guerrilla knitting, of dying and spinning, of old and new techniques, of knitting cafés, knitting groups and of course about how the Internet has changed the life of knitters. She knows how the Shetland jumper really came about, and also that knitting is not only about scarves and hats, but how it can produce all sorts of different moods.

Bookstore shelves are full of books with knitting instructions. What was missing until now was a book about knitting. Here it is. It tells of the people, women and men, who have made knitting into what it is today.