Friedrich Ani

Last Respects - Novel

(German title: Letzte Ehre)
ca. 270 pages
Friedrich Ani
Foto: Friedrich Ani
© Tibor Bozi

Friedrich Ani was born in 1959. His first novel was published in 1996, and since then he has gone on to write crime novels, poetry and YA-fiction, as well as writing for TV, radio and theatre. His books have received many prominent awards, among them the Bavarian Cultural Ministry’s Advancement Award for Literature and the German Crime Fiction Prize. So far, he is the only author ever to receive the German Crime Fiction Prize for three titles in the same year.

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No one said anything, no one saw anything


Seventeen-year-old Finja Madsen fails to come home after a party one night. There are no witnesses, no clues as to what happened to her. The investigation is at a dead end. Inspector Fariza Nasri interviews family and friends of the missing girl, including her mother’s boyfriend Stephan Barig. The party was at his house while he spent the weekend in the countryside with two friends. Barig diligently cooperates. Nasri listens, asks questions – and is suddenly certain that the man is lying. But was he really involved in Finja’s disappearance or is he hiding something else entirely?

The search for a missing girl slowly becomes a nightmarish journey into the abysses of male fantasies of power and the devastation they leave behind. Fariza Nasri gets caught up in a maelstrom of violence that keeps her in its grip until she nearly drowns. A gripping, painful and dark novel.


»Friedrich Ani writes with clockwork precision, in his unique, unconventional tone, sleek and sharp and still rich in atmosphere.« Sylvia Staude, Frankfurter Rundschau

»Certain details and milieus can only be found in Ani’s books, books in which it is not the plot, but the detours and side routes that are important.« Peter Körte, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Other publications

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Sold to:

English world rights (Seagull), Italy (Emons)

Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Hörbuch Hamburg), German Radio Drama (Deutschlandfunk Kultur)

Nackter Mann, der brennt/Naked Man Burning (2016)

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Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Hörbuch Hamburg)

Der namenlose Tag/Day Without a Name (2015)

Sold to:

English world rights (Seagull), Italy (Emons), Greece (Gutenberg)

Domestic Rights Sales: German Audiobook (Hörbuch Hamburg), German Entire Radio Readings (HR and BR)