Stefan Ulrich, Franziska Ulrich

Munich - Favourite Places

With colour photographs and illustrations
(German title: München – Lieblingsorte)
ca. 237 pages
Stefan Ulrich
Foto: Stefan Ulrich

Stefan Ulrich was born in Starnberg in 1963. After studying law at university and completing his legal traineeship, he worked for Süddeutsche Zeitung, for which he was the Rome correspondent from 2005 to 2009 and the Paris correspondent from 2009 to 2013. Today, he lives and works in Munich.

Franziska Ulrich
Foto: Franziska Ulrich

Franziska Ulrich was born in Schwabing in 1998 and grew up in Munich, Rome and Paris. She is currently studying Geography and Political Science at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and loves discovering ever new aspects of her city.

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A perfect day in Munich - Discover the lifestyle of the city by the Isar

In this book you won’t find what you must see, but only what you’re going to want to experience


What could a perfect day in Munich look like? You have breakfast on one of the most atmospheric squares of the city, the Gärtnerplatz, with cappuccino and croissants fresh from the oven. Afterwards you take a stroll through the Kunstareal, which is definitely going to inspire you, no matter whether you prefer the Old Masters, the young and restless, dinosaur skeletons or contemporary architecture.

In the afternoon you explore of the myth of Schwabing and amble along through the legendary part of the city. Then you go for a surf in the Eisbach and for dinner to one of the beer gardens in the Englischer Garten before you head off to one of the theatres, cabarets or to go dancing. To finish the day off, the bar on the rooftop terrace of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is waiting for you, with a late espresso or a drink with a view on the illuminated towers of Munich.

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