Wilhelm Schmid

Re-inventing Love - The Art of Dealing with Others

(German title: Die Liebe neu erfinden)
ca. 380 pages
Wilhelm Schmid
Foto: Wilhelm Schmid
© Jürgen Bauer

Wilhelm Schmid, freelance philosopher, born in 1953, lives in Berlin and teaches Philosophy at the University of Erfurt. For many years, he taught as a visiting professor in Riga/Latvia and in Tiflis/Georgia and worked as a »philosophical counsellor« at a hospital near Zurich/Switzerland. He is a soughtafter guest speaker and has been giving lectures in China and South Korea since 2010. He was awarded the Meckatzer Prize for Philosophy in 2012 and the Egnér Prize in 2013. His works have been translated into 25 languages, his bestselling book Gelassenheit has sold over 600.000 copies.

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The new Art of Loving

The ultimate relationship guide from best-selling author Wilhelm Schmid

The secret to being happy in difficult times


Best-selling author and philosopher Wilhelm Schmid explains why love so seldom works out today but shows how it can prevail against all odds; he describes when we should leave love be, and how we can go about finding it again. His take on »the art of loving« shows us the way to a new lightness in how we live and love.

Today, love seems more difficult than ever. We expect everything of it: infinite happiness, wild passion and eternal desire – all without sacrificing one iota of our personal freedom. No wonder, then, that love can barely withstand the pressure. Love suffocates if it has to be pure love all the time. This is why some people now speak dispiritedly of »the end of love«, some learn to live with the sad remains of a love that was, and others seek a new kind of »sobriety«, albeit one that won’t warm anyone’s heart. Yes, love has indeed become very complicated – but is that a good enough reason to give up on it? Of course not, because love, more than almost anything else, can make sense of things. But if love as we know it is dead, what we need is a new beginning, a renaissance of love in a new guise. It is time to rescue and reinvigo- rate romanticism, and thereby re-invent love – a living, breathing form of love that is capable of pragmatic romanticism.


»Schmid’s books lead us through the valley of enlightenment up to the mountain where there is a clear view – on us and our everyday life. He doesn’t re-invent the wheel. But he breathes new life into the old art of love in the vestments of the 21st century.« Deutschlandfunk

»Wilhelm Schmid does not invent things – and not love either. But he does it clean up. He observes the things that he finds behind closed doors, at leisure and free of prejudice. And doing so he offers a relaxed counterbalance to all those who proclaim ›the end of love‹.« Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung


Wilhelm Schmid reads from his new book Re-inventing Love:

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