Reineke Fox

Retold and with an afterword by Matthias Reiner. Illustrated by Reinhard Michl

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»The unholy worldly bible.«

With colour illustrations by Reinhard Michl


Like every year, King Nobel is calling all animals to the great court council right in time for Pentecost. Only one is missing: Reineke Fox. Because he is accused of countless crimes: »If Reineke were dead, we could all live in peace.« He finally faces his trial, but in the end it’s not justice that is victorious but the most cunning and ruthless protagonist, the most talented liar …

Reineke Fox becomes Chancellor, his word »the law thenceforth«. The parable-like epic that appeared in German for the first time in 1498 became a popular book, a classic and a children’s book and has been published in countless editions since then. For this edition in the Insel-Bücherei the original text is retold and illustrated by Reinhard Michl’s unique images.

»Reineke Fox.
A poet sung this centuries ago? How is that possible? The topic, after all, is that of yesterday
and today!«
Johann Wolfgang Goethe