Michael Esfeld

Science and Freedom - The Scientific Worldview and the Status of the Individual

(German title: Wissenschaft und Freiheit)
ca. 212 pages
Michael Esfeld

Michael Esfeld

Michael Esfeld is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Lausanne.

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In his new book, philosopher Michael Esfeld defends scientific realism against conspiracy theorists and antirealists, but he also points out the limits of scientific explanations.

Contrary to many exaggerated ambitions, they do not have the power to prescribe norms for the shaping of individual and societal life to people who have the ability to act freely. Scientific findings do not imply a predetermination of human actions and thoughts. The determinism in physics, biology or the neurosciences does in no way curtail human freedom. On the contrary: Science presumes the freedom to formulate, test and justify theories in the first place.