Wilhelm Schmid

Sexout - The Art of Starting Fresh

(German title: Sexout)
ca. 120 pages
Wilhelm Schmid
Foto: Wilhelm Schmid
© Jürgen Bauer

Wilhelm Schmid, free philosopher, born in 1953, lives in Berlin and teaches Philosophy at the University of Erfurt and as visiting Professor at the State University of Tiflis/Georgia.

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Keep calm – when it comes to love

The new book from best-selling author of Equanimity (2014) and Happiness (2007)


»Sex is fun!« More and more people – young and old – don’t know what to do with this constantly reiterated phrase anymore, because their experience is entirely different from what it promises: Sex is a problem. This book gives a name to this problem: Sexout. What does this mean for our love life? Does philosophy, of all disciplines, have something to say about it? Could Socrates himself have been in such a predicament?

Wilhelm Schmid, best-selling author (Happiness, Equanimity) doesn’t leave his readers with a mere survey of the problem, but presents possible ways of handling such a problem, and even ways in which »sexout« could be an opportunity. It’s not an entirely new problem: there are many images to be found in modern art that show one person sitting by the edge of the bed, puzzled and helpless, and another with his head hidden in the pillows. What’s new about it is its epidemic-like spread. But maybe this is accompanied by a big sigh – finally, a life without the pressure of having to have sex around the clock! There’s a possibility for more equanimity, even in bed.

A survey of fading lust in a time where sex has become a must

With various suggestions for leading a sensual and meaningful life – even during a Sexout


»This man knows what life is all about.« WDR 5, Tischgespräch

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