Hans Traxler

Sniffler - The English Dachshund

Illustrated throughout
(German title: Sniffler)
ca. 94 pages
Hans Traxler
Foto: Hans Traxler
© Jürgen Bauer

Hans Traxler, born in Herrlich, a village in northern Bohemia, in 1929, is a painter, illustrator and author. He was awarded numerous prizes for his oeuvre, among them the Wilhelm- Busch-Prize in 2015 and most recently the Sondermann-Prize 2017.

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A great gift – not only for dog lovers

With wonderful illustrations by Hans Traxler

»We underestimated Sniffler. His highly developed sense of hearing enabled him to recognise every door shutting, be it ever so quiet, and especially the pad of naked soles on the lawn as what, in his eyes, was just another attempt to leave him alone ...«


A summer month in a stately country residence in East Sussex. Sounds marvelous. When a married couple is invited by their English friends to look after the house and the dog while they go on holiday, they are overjoyed at the prospect. Swimming in Pevensey Bay, excursions with the Bluebell Express, visits to the Tate Gallery, hiking in the Downs – the two make great plans. But they have not taken Sniffler, their hosts’ dachshund, into account. The dog is panicked with fear of being left alone and comes up with ever more and new tricks to prevent his dog-sitters from leaving the premises …

Hans Traxler tells the story of how they manage to spend an amazing and unforgettable holiday despite it all – gripping, funny and sometimes scary. And he has illustrated his stories with many colourful images in his unique style.