Klaus Dörre, Stephan Lessenich, Hartmut Rosa

Sociology – Capitalism – Criticism - A Debate

With the cooperation of Thomas Barth
Hartmut Rosa
Foto: Hartmut Rosa
© Jürgen Bauer

Hartmut Rosa, born in 1965, is professor for Sociology in Jena.

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It was once one of the central tasks of sociology to clarify to modern society the social assumptions and consequences of its proneness to crisis. The authors of this collection are committed to this oft-neglected objective and focus on the potential of sociological analyses to make a Zeitdiagnose – a diagnosis of the present.

A Zeitdiagnostisch-based social criticism, according to one of their theories, is one of the central responsibilities of sociology. A second theory states that all contemporary social criticism must also necessarily be criticism of capitalism. Based on three different, but complementary, perspectives as to actual processes of land appropriation, activation, and acceleration, a sociological criticism of contemporary society unfolds, while simultaneously revealing starting points for political action.


»The sociology professors from Jena Klaus Dörre, Stephan Lessenich and Hartmut Rosa are of the belief that over the last few years sociology has neglected its critical-progressive role. They have thus stepped up to clarify the common discontent according to a social-theoretical model.« Robin Celikates, Frankfurter Rundschau

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Beschleunigung und Entfremdung/Acceleration and Alienation (2013)

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