Urs Stäheli

Sociology of Disconnection

(German title: Soziologie der Entnetzung)
ca. 551 pages
Urs Stäheli

Urs Stäheli

Urs Stäheli is Professor of Sociology at the University of Hamburg.

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Most social spheres are today characterized by networks. For a long time, an ethos of connectivity has dominated: the more connections the better!

However, today this euphoria for connectedness has lost its appeal. Our constant availability is demanding its price, open-plan offices face increasing criticism and new security risks cause concerns. Based on analyses of such crises of hyperconnectivity, Urs Stäheli ponders the limits of connectedness from three different angles – as a criticism of relational social theories, as a culturalsociological analysis of the figures of disconnection and as a genealogy of the practices of disconnecting in different fields.


»As a step-by-step search for cultural assets this Sociology of Disconnection could tell us more about digital environments than we might care for. It is, without any obvious reference to the Corona pandemic, unquestionably topical.« Sebastian Giessmann, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung