Oliver Polak

Stop Hating Jews

(German title: Gegen Judenhass)
ca. 128 pages
Oliver Polak
Foto: Oliver Polak
© Olaf Heine

Oliver Polak is a well known German-Jewish stand up comedian.

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Oliver Polak is a well known German-Jewish stand up comedian. In this autobiographical book he describes the recent rise of antisemitism in Europe from his own personal perspective. And it is not about the encounter with the easy to identify, Doc Martens wearing skinhead.

It is about the kids in the playground shouting at him: »Ewww, I caught Jew-Aids. . . !« About the famous talk show host who »ironically« desinfects his hands after he touched him. About the theatre director who, before a show, tells him to »better be funny tonight, or you will land in this ashtray…« Or the audience member who informs him that »the next train to Auschwitz will leave soon . . .«.

Oliver Polaks’ alarming diagnosis: Antisemitism has long reached our creative and bourgeoise environments. In this very upbeat, accessible and surprising narrative he adresses a plea to the European public, and a wake up call: Stop the hatred against Jews – now!


»Thanks to its brevity, a highly effective appeal from German comic Oliver Polak. His polemic Stop Hating Jews is a laconic document of the downright obsessive German fixation on what it means to be Jewish.« Neue Zürcher Zeitung

»In order not to forget and, at this particular moment, in order to remember clearly as well as judge appropriately, it helps to read Oliver Polak’s much discussed book, Stop Hating Jews« Die literarische Welt