Gabriela Jaskulla

The Autumn Cook - Novel

(German title: Die Herbstköchin)
ca. 392 pages
Gabriela Jaskulla
Foto: Gabriela Jaskulla
© Susanne Schleyer

Gabriela Jaskulla was born in 1962. She grew up in Germany, has lived in Spain, loves Hamburg, small islands und today lives in Berlin.

She is an art historian and journalist, worked for radio and TV for 17 years and teaches cultural journalism and creative writing at the University of Hannover.

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A young chef in the midst of Michelin-starred cuisine and passionate love…

A culinary journey round the world


Gianna is young, vivacious and ambitious – and she is determined to become a chef. And to be one of the best. Where better to learn the ropes than with those Michelin-starred chefs? Thus her journey leads her from her hometown of Regensburg, via Copenhagen and Navarra, all the way to New Mexico. At four enthralling locations, she learns not only an array of cooking styles from famous and independent-minded colleagues, but also experiences the ebb and flow of emotions: she is in love – and not just with one man, but with two at the same time, two brothers who could hardly be more different from one another. While one promises security and steadfastness, the other entices her into new, risky adventures. Gradually Gianna discovers what really matters in life…

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