Miodrag Pavlovic

The Bay of Aphrodite

Original Serbian title: Афродитина увала, published in 2001 by Prosveta, Belgrade
(German title: Die Bucht der Aphrodite)
ca. 310 pages
Miodrag Pavlovic
Foto: Miodrag Pavlovic
© JürgenBauer

Miodrag Pavlovic was born 1928 in Novi Sad and passed away in the South of Germany in 2014.

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Following a volume of poems, Einzug in Cremona, Miodrag Pavlovic now presents a poetic autobiography of a truly unique kind: a combination of Bildungsroman and fantastic journey, including the poetry of his own work and the story of a life in 20th century Yugoslavia.

It includes memories of the early childhood, of southern landscapes, of the beaches along the Adriatic and Aegean coastlines, of journeys to the original source of beauty. Pavlovic gathers together friends and relatives, émigrés and the dead for an imaginary family celebration that will never actually take place.

The Bay of Aphrodite is a book about Belgrade and European history, the great narrative work of a lyricist who becomes the archaeologist of his own work, and accords his images, metaphors and forms the freedom to remember their origins.