Uwe Tellkamp

The Carus Affairs - Illustrated and designed by Andreas Töpfer

(German title: Die Carus-Sachen)
ca. 96 pages
Uwe Tellkamp
Foto: Uwe Tellkamp
© Brigitte Friedrich

Uwe Tellkamp was born in Dresden in 1968. He studied Medicine in Leipzig, New York and Dresden. He then worked as a doctor. Now living as a writer in Dresden, his novel The Tower, published in 2008, won that year’s German Book Prize. The Tower has been translated into twenty languages.

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Italy (La Nave di Teseo)

A return to the world of The Tower, an international bestseller


»Going to Carus«: that is how the gynaecologist said goodbye to his two children when he set off for the Carl Gustav Carus Medical Academy each day. The man who gave his name to the institution died in 1869, he can be regarded as the prototype of the then self-evident multi-talented man: natural scientist, doctor and painter, author of humanities studies (including one on Goethe). It is therefore not surprising, when the father lures his two children into the independent art scene of Dresden and its hinterland – it’s the Carus Affairs that are on their minds and that instigate attempts to approach the undivided humanity

The use of the illustrations is not a condition for translations.

Other publications

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International sales: France (Grasset), Italy (La Nave di Teseo)

Domestic sales: German Audiobook (Der Hörverlag)

Der Turm/The Tower (2008)

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