Martin Prinz

The Invisible Pages - Novel

(German title: Die unsichtbaren Seiten)
ca. 220 pages
Martin Prinz
Foto: Martin Prinz
© Lukas Beck

Martin Prinz, born in 1973, studied German Philology and Theatre Studies. He lives and works in Vienna.

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The quest for a life as a writer

A regional novel in the form of a writer’s coming of age story


A young boy on a school morning during break. He turns in a circle, telling himself: I’m the king of Lilienfeld. It’s the year 1980, the boy is seven years old. His grandfather has been serving as the mayor of the town for almost thirty years.

Martin Prinz’s new novel begins in a world where bullet holes from the World War are still gaping in some of the house façades, sets in with the gaze of a boy who knows the word »politics« long before he knows what it means. This is where nightly parallel worlds of reading meet notions of radioactive clouds or the Iron Curtain. In a rapid stretto, the passages dealing with the writer’s present alternate with those of a boy growing up in Austria and its surroundings.

How can the inextricable coexistence of politics and family, of real events and the stories about them be kept in balance? How can the gaze of a writer be kept in balance with that of a former king of Lilienfeld?

In his grandparents’ house, the writer discovers photographs dating back to 1995: pictures that no longer contain subjects. Instead, they capture mundane, random perspectives. The last photographs his grandfather, already suff ering from dementia, has taken. And with that, the path of narration is prescribed.


»The author recounts what it’s like to grow up in the atmosphere of the 1970s as the grandson of the long-standing mayor in an Austrian village. In The Invisible Pages [Martin Prinz] gives us an impressive look into the socially ascribed roles for men and women, and the relationships which arise from them.« ORF

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