Ulli Lust, Marcel Beyer

The Karnau Tapes - Based on the novel by Marcel Beyer

Graphic Novel
(German title: Flughunde)
ca. 364 pages
Ulli Lust
Foto: Ulli Lust
© Barbara Dietl

Ulli Lust, born in 1967 in Vienna, studied at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art from 1999 to 2004; she lives and draws in Berlin. Her autobiographical graphic novel Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life was published in 2009 and has received numerous prizes and been translated into seven languages.

Marcel Beyer
Foto: Marcel Beyer
© Jürgen Bauer

Marcel Beyer was born and raised in Cologne. The author of several novels and collections of poems, he has received numerous awards and was named one of the best young novelists in the world by The New Yorker. He lives in Dresden.

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English World Rights (New York Review of Books), France (Ça et La), Netherlands (Scratch Books)

Kleist Prize 2014 for Marcel Beyer


A sensational graphic novel

Since his brilliant and harrowing novel The Karnau Tapes came out in 1995, Marcel Beyer has been considered »one of Europe’s best young novelists« (The New Yorker). The Karnau Tapes, which has so far been translated into fourteen languages, tells the story of the end of the Second World War from the point of view of a fanatical acoustician working for the Nazis and through the eyes of one of Goebbels’s daughters. The novel deals with the instrumentalisation of language through propaganda and experiments with the human voice.

Ulli Lust is one of the most important contemporary German-language comic book artists and was recently awarded the »comics Oscar«, the Prix Révelation.


Selected illustrations from the Graphic Novel The Karnau Tapes


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USA (Fantagraphics), Spanish world rights (La Cúpula), France (Ça et La), Netherlands (Soul Food Comics)

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English world rights (Voland & Quist)

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English world rights (Harcourt), Spanish world rights (Edhasa), Chinese simplex rights (People’s Literature Publishing House), Arabic world rights (Kalima), France (Métailié), Italy (Einaudi), Netherlands (Cossée), Sweden (Bonniers), Norway (Pax), Czech Republic (Havran), Hungary (Magvetö), Croatia (Fraktura), Serbia (Geopoetika), Turkey (Ayrinti)

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Flughunde/The Karnau Tapes (1995)

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USA (Harcourt), UK (Secker and Warburg), Spanish world rights (Debate), Russia (Amphora), France (Calmann-Lévy), Italy (Einaudi), Netherlands (Meulenhoff), Denmark (Gyldendal), Sweden (Bonniers), Korea (Hyonamsa), Japan (Sanshusha), Poland (Słowo / Obraz Terytoria), Slovakia (Slovensky Spisovatel), Bulgaria (Balkani), Estonia (Tänapäev), Serbia (Geopoetika), Turkey (Ayrinti), Israel (Books in the Attic)