Emanuel Richter

The Pensioners’ Democracy - The Overageing of Society and the Consequences for Politics

(German title: Seniorendemokratie)
ca. 250 pages
Emanuel Richter

Emanuel Richter

Emanuel Richter is a professor at the Institute for Political Science at the RWTH Aachen University.

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Which consequences does the dramatic overageing of society have for our democracy? Are a few well-off »best agers« und »silver surfers« going to seize political participation and dismiss the interests of the younger age groups? Or will the democratic hope of the senior citizens for an expanded and more intensified political participation that benefits all generations be fulfilled?

According to Emanuel Richter, the prevailing conceptions of ageing need to be rethought, social division among senior citizens need to be reduced and the spare possibilities for participation need to be expanded creatively for the latter to succeed. Democracy instead of dementia is the name of the game.


»In his book Richter connects empirical with theoretical dimensions, one can find both extensive statistics to support his hypotheses and sweeping theoretical reflections that oversee the topic are confidently across the limits of the disciplines.« Samuel Salzborn, taz. die tageszeitung

»[Emanuel Richter steers] the focus on the political engagement of the elderly and thus onto the elderly as acting political subjects who are not merely addressees of senior policies in a welfare state.« Silke van Dyk, Soziopolis