Michael Quante

The Reality of Spirit - Studies on Hegel

With a foreword by Robert Pippin
(German title: Die Wirklichkeit des Geistes)
ca. 356 pages
Michael Quante

Michael Quante

Michael Quante is Professor for Philosophy at Westfälische Wilhelms-University in Münster.

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Up until today the Philosophy of Spirit has been one of the most vigorously discussed aspects of the Hegelian system. The theoretical potential of its answers to the challenges of the modern, however, has far and away not been exhausted. Michael Quante illustrates the fundamental principles and central theses of Hegel’s Philosophy of Spirit in light of current discussions in European and Anglo-American philosophy.

His discussion centers on the Phenomenology of Spirit and the Elements of the Philosophy of Right. In these two works Hegel developed the central ideas of his practical philosophy (for example, Action, Personhood, and Will) and explored, within the area of tension between individual autonomy and social investment, the possibilities of founding ethical norms and social institutions.