Thomas Montasser

The Summer of the Penguins - With illustrations by Isabel Pin

(German title: Der Sommer der Pinguine)
ca. 143 pages
Thomas Montasser
Foto: Thomas Montasser

Thomas Montasser used to work as a journalist and university lecturer and headed a small theatre group. He lives in Munich.

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Arabic world rights (Dar Oktob)

A modern fairy tale in London

A heartwarming story with magical illustrations by Isabel Pin.


A small bookshop in London’s Mayfair borough. Mrs. Annetta Robington finds herself completely absorbed in a fascinating book about penguins and has lost track of time. Just as she is about to leave the bookshop, she makes a sudden, incredible discovery: the shop owner is a penguin! The elderly gentleman denies it at first, but then admits to it: yes, he is a penguin – one of many that live among us humans.

A cellist with bushy eyebrows, a doorman with impeccable posture, a gentleman wearing a tail coat at the opera … Mrs. Robington keeps seeing penguins everywhere now.

When the secret of the adorable species is threatened to be discovered, Mrs. Robington’s big moment has arrived. Devising a cunning plan, she does everything in her power to save the birds …


»The shifts between advancing the plot and non-fiction-like moments work to slow things down in a thought-provoking way, especially as Thomas Montasser employs such a charming and humorous style. As an added gift, this book is also a treat for the eyes. The charming illustrations from Isabel Pin fit the story perfectly, fine, delicate, a little old-fashioned, they capture the essential in just a few strokes.« KulturVision aktuell

»It is probably a combination of head and heart as well as talent that allows Thomas Montasser to write such touching novels and to arouse such enthusiasm.« Nordbayrische Nachrichten

»Accompanied by his uniquely humorous way of writing, in The Summer of the Penguins Montasser invites us into his unmistakable, literarily meaningful world while taking a slightly different perspective. With its clever and entertaining dialogues, this book is the perfect companion for a relaxed summer afternoon.« infranken.de

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