Thomas Montasser

The Summer of the Penguins - With illustrations by Isabel Pin

(German title: Der Sommer der Pinguine)
ca. 143 pages
Thomas Montasser
Foto: Thomas Montasser

Thomas Montasser used to work as a journalist and university lecturer and headed a small theatre group. He lives in Munich.

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A modern fairy tale in London

A heartwarming story with magical illustrations by Isabel Pin.


A small bookshop in London’s Mayfair borough. Mrs. Annetta Robington finds herself completely absorbed in a fascinating book about penguins and has lost track of time. Just as she is about to leave the bookshop, she makes a sudden, incredible discovery: the shop owner is a penguin! The elderly gentleman denies it at first, but then admits to it: yes, he is a penguin – one of many that live among us humans.

A cellist with bushy eyebrows, a doorman with impeccable posture, a gentleman wearing a tail coat at the opera … Mrs. Robington keeps seeing penguins everywhere now.

When the secret of the adorable species is threatened to be discovered, Mrs. Robington’s big moment has arrived. Devising a cunning plan, she does everything in her power to save the birds …