Rafael Horzon

The White Book

(German title: Das weisse Buch)
ca. 216 pages
Rafael Horzon
Foto: Rafael Horzon
© Florena Horaz

Rafael Horzon, born 1970, lives and works in Berlin.

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France (Attila), Italy (Scritturapura), Netherlands (Warenmagazijn), Serbia (Plato Books / B&S)

How to get rich, sexy and famous in Berlin


The unusual biography of an entrepreneur in the form of a picaresque novel

Rafael Horzon’s Das weisse Buch grants us compelling insights into his fast-paced life as a furniture magnate, original genius and apple-cake tycoon.

The failed student and parcels delivery man spends years building up a business empire: modocom encompasses fashion labels, an agency for break-ups, a night club, a dealership in apple cakes – a stream of trailblazing ideas and publicity coups. The art world raved about his hairdryer, fashion was never the same after his ties climbed from the neck to the head, and the perfect bookcase of his design spelled death to the products of a noted Swedish furniture maker. At the pinnacle of a rich and eventful life, Horzon pauses for review; he proves to be an unexpectedly charming and intelligent narrator of his own self.


»Fantastic!« Christian Kracht

»I love it!« Helene Hegemann

»This biographical ‘road movie’ from entertainment-entrepreneur, inventor, and iconoclast Rafael Horzon is so off-kilter, immodest, and bizarre that it is pure reading pleasure […]. This small, inflammatory book is worth more than five textbooks for business students [...]. Long live the adventure!« GDI – Wissensmagazin für Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Handel