Raul Zelik

Us, The Undead of Capital - On Political Monsters and Green Socialism

(German title: Wir Untoten des Kapitals)
ca. 328 pages
Raul Zelik
Foto: Raul Zelik
© Melanie Lucas

Raul Zelik, born in Munich in 1968, is an author and political scientist and has published numerous works on the social conflicts in Latin America. Until 2013, the was an Associate Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín. In 2016, he became a member of the executive committee of the political party Die Linke.

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The undead seem to be taking possession of our society – »soulless cities«, an economic model that destroys the possibility of a good life more than it fosters it, the return of the fascist monster. Raul Zelik asks how these developments are connected and how they can be stopped. In his search, he turns his attention to another undead that just won’t die: the idea of socialism.

According to Zelik, neither the ecological collapse nor the looming descent into authoritarianism can be prevented if public property isn’t reinforced. The multifaceted crisis requires a major alternative and emancipatory plan. Zelik provides an outline of how the left can reinvent itself, what a socialist project must comprise and where the societal power to implement such a transformation should come from.


»By sagely connecting current left-wing debates, Zelik achieves a convincing plea for a green socialism. The exceedingly dense work is based on an impressive diversity of literature but is still easily accessible due to its many entertaining pop-cultural metaphors. Zelik not only provides convincing arguments for why we need to overcome capitalism and what its alternative could look like, but also deals in a nuanced way with how such a transformation could succeed.« Georg Sturm, taz. die tageszeitung

»Raul Zelik is a must for everyone who wants to engage with social criticism that goes beyond church convention rhetorics, e-car premiums and quota demands for corporate boards.« Martin Eimermacher, DIE ZEIT

»... an intelligent analysis of failed attempts.« Gunther Hartwig, Südwest Presse

»The strength of this book lies in its combination of theory and empirical evidence that is often supplemented by literature or (pop) culture. The fact that Zelik is not only a scientist but also a writer makes the complex subjects an almost relaxing read, which is usually uncommon in materialistic texts.« Lars Weiss, ila Das Lateinamerika-Magazin

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