Hans Blumenberg

Writings on Literature 1945-1958

Edited by Alexander Schmitz and Bernd Stiegler
Hans Blumenberg
Foto: Hans Blumenberg
© Peter Zollna

Hans Blumenberg (1920-1996) was professor for Philosophy at the University of Münster.

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Long awaited and now available from the estate: Hans Blumenberg’s reviews, talks and lectures on international literature: Dostoyevsky, Sartre, Greene, Kafka, Jünger, Faulkner, Robbe-Grillet and many others.

»Although the laws of the last twelve years have made impossible any journalistic expression whatsoever in the same way as they have made impossible the finishing of his philosophical studies at university, the undersigned does not possess the ambition to see himself published no matter what the cost.«

Thus wrote 25-year-old Hans Blumenberg to Insel Verlag in November 1945, enclosing an essay on Dostoyevsky’s novel A Gentle Creature, the publication of which excited him greatly. Though his essay was not to be published in his lifetime, it now opens a collection of Blumenberg’s texts on literature. In reviews, talks and lectures the author examines German-language and international literature while also writing about the, at that time, new fashions of paperbacks, guidebooks and comics. Moving between literature and philosophy, his subtle texts also consider existential questions. These are texts of timeless splendour, which, at the same time, allow the immediate post-war period to be seen as if through a magnifying glass.


» ... Philosophy as a literary genre of the highest order.« Jürgen Busche, der Freitag


»Already the young Blumenberg is a dedicated reader with a flair for aesthetics...« Helmut Mayer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Other publications

Rigorismus der Wahrheit/The Rigorism of Truth (2015)

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Präfiguration/Prefiguration (2014)

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Italy (Morcelliana), France (Seuil)

Quellen, Ströme, Eisberge/Sources, Streams, Icebergs (2012)

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Löwen/Lions (2010)

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Theorie der Lebenswelt/Theory of the Life-World (2010)

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Geistesgeschichte der Technik/Geistesgeschichte der Technik (2009)

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Briefwechsel 1971-1978/Correspondence and other materials (2007)

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Der Mann vom Mond/The Man from the Moon (2007)

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Theorie der Unbegrifflichkeit/Theorie der Unbegrifflichkeit (2007)

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Beschreibung des Menschen/Description of Man (2006)

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Die Legitimität der Neuzeit/The Legitimacy of the Modern Age (1996)

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Schiffbruch mit Zuschauer/Shipwreck with Spectator (1993)

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Arbeit am Mythos/Work on Myth (1979)

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