Ulla Berkéwicz


(German title: Zimzum)
ca. 124 pages
Ulla Berkéwicz
Foto: Ulla Berkéwicz
© Daniel Devecioglu

Ulla Berkéwicz was born in Gießen. She attended the Academy of Music in Frankfurt/Main and for many years acted with the Münchener Kammerspiele and Hamburg Schauspielhaus. Upon publication of her debut  Josef stirbt in 1982 she gave up acting and since has published several novels, stories and works for the stage. She lives in Berlin where she is the publisher of Suhrkamp Verlag.

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Zimzum concerns the observations of a woman in the nineties on the emptiness of our time and on powerlessness in the face of the everyday. It tells of sexual fantasy, of traumatic experience of violence, about the fact that everything is possible and nothing works any more.

These are vacation days on a Spanish island. The woman is witness to the scenes recurring daily on the plaza, in cafés and bars. Figures from the past emerge from the vacuum. So also the grandmother, who explains the cabbalistic word »Zimzum« to her: the void, the withdrawal of God, out of which he created the universe. The observing woman repeats this process at the level of her imagination, she too brings forth a world. The characters and their story are her creation.

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