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It’s Quite Comfortable Being Caught in the Middle

Christa Wolf

It’s Quite Comfortable Being Caught in the Middle

»Mail, mail, mail«. This cri de cœur, jotted down in the calendar underneath the date of Sunday, 4th of March 1990, is not unfounded: Christa Wolf was a tremendously productive correspondent. Her letters to relatives and friends, colleagues, editors, politicians and journalists provide a fascinating insight into her thoughts, her writing process and her social engagement. Whether she writes to Günter Grass or Max Frisch, demands to get access to her Stasi-files from Joachim Gauck or leads exchanges with friends like Sarah Kirsch and Maxie Wander, we bear witness to friendships and rifts, disputes and approval and to the reflections of one of the most important authors of the 20th century.

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