3 Suhrkamp novels shortlisted for German Book Prize 2012


»No matter who is awarded the German Book Prize in October, the new Berlin Suhrkamp Culture has already won, with no fewer than five of its authors on the Longlist.« Börsenblatt

Out of 20 novels originally nominated for the German Book Prize, six have now been selected by the Jury for the Shortlist. We are happy to announce that out of those six novels three are published and represented by Suhrkamp Verlag. We proudly present our nominees:



Clemens J. Setz, born 1982, lives in Graz.
Forget about a plot summary of a novel that resists all summarisation, and just read the book: Indigo by Clemens J. Setz. Devilishly exciting and as refreshing as a good massage. Afterwards you’ll feel every single muscle. (Read more…)



Stephan Thome, born 1972 in Biedenkopf/Hessen.
With a breathtakingly acute sense of failure and for the things that really hurt, Thome sends his protagonist on a journey, through South-West Europe, that will decide everything. A novel about the disavowals and abysses of life (Read more…)



Ulf Erdmann Ziegler, born 1959, lives in Frankfurt/Main.
This is the story of Marlene, who, even before she learns how to read, falls in love with the world of letters. Born into a family of successful advertisers and illustrators, she has a great dream: the perfect font. (Read more…)

The winner of the German Book Prize 2012 will be announced on October 8th.

Centrifugal Forces
Stephan Thome
Centrifugal Forces
Clemens J. Setz
Nothing White
Ulf Erdmann Ziegler
Nothing White