Angelika Neuwirth awarded the 2013 Sigmund Freud Prize


The German Academy for Language and Literature awards the 2013 Sigmund Freud Prize for Scientific Prose to the Arabic studies specialist Angelika Neuwirth.

The prize, which includes a grant of €20,000, will be awarded along with the Georg Büchner Prize on October 26th, 2013, in Darmstadt.

Jury’s Rationale
»Angelika Neuwirth has been awarded the Sigmund Freud Prize for Scientific Prose. With her truthful, groundbreaking research on the Koran, which demonstrates a high sensitivity to language, she has proven that the origins of the Muslim revelation are embedded in the context of biblical and late-antique literature. She ties in not only Goethe and the tradition of science in Judaism, which emphasized the interlacing of Middle Eastern and Western cultures early on, but she also conceives of the founding document of Islam as a text that is also European.«



The Koran as a text from Late Antiquity - A European approach by Angelika Neuwirth:
Is the Koran a purely Islamic text and therefore foreign to predominantly Christian and Jewish cultures? Or rather, is it a new and wilful voice in the chorus of debates on Late Antiquity during which the theological foundations of Judaism and Christianity were also laid? (Read more…)

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