Highlight of the Month - March: The Last Land by Svenja Leiber


»Music can do anything, it can heal or harm, just like us«

The beginning of the 20th century in northern Germany. Ruven Preuk, the youngest son of the village wainwright, has an extraordinary musical gift: he sees notes, and can play incredible melodies on his violin. This, however, does not only bring him admiration from the village where life is simple and tough.

With her new book, Svenja Leiber offers us a true Bildungsroman: while an entire country collapses around him, against all odds one extraordinary musician follows his talent.

Before its publication in March 2014 translation rights have already been granted to the following international publishers:
Spanish world rights (Malpaso), Italy (Keller Editore)

An unabridged German audio book edition has simultaneously been published by DAV, interpreted by Burghart Klaußner (The White Ribbon; Good Bye, Lenin!). The production will also be broadcasted by two major public German radio stations, NDR and RBB.

Book Trailer for Svenja Leiber's new novel The Last Land:

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The Last Land
Svenja Leiber
The Last Land