Highlight of the Month - May: Buying Time by Wolfgang Streeck


»The financial magic trick of recent decades has finally become too dangerous for us to risk buying time with it once more.«

In his 2012 Frankfurt Adorno lecture, Wolfgang Streeck exposes the roots of the current financial, fiscal, and economic crisis, which he situates in the context of a long neoliberal transformation of post-war capitalism stretching back to the 1970s.

Buying Time has just been sold to Gallimard in France and Sefsafa in Egypt.

Since its publication in March 2013 translation rights have already been granted to the following international publishers:
English world (Verso), Spanish world (Katz), Portugal (Actual), Arabic world (Sefsafa), France (Gallimard), Italy (Feltrinelli) and Sweden (Daidalos).

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Buying Time
Wolfgang Streeck
Buying Time