Highlight of the Month - November: German Europe by Ulrich Beck


The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 has underlined the global importance of the European Project.
Just shortly before the announcment of the Nobel Peace Prize Suhrkamp has published a new essay by Ulrich Beck which analyses the current situation in the European Union and critically examines the role of Germany. Ulrich Beck has written a passionate plea for the continuation of the European Project. The importance of the book is shown if you take a glimpse at the list of publishers who are currently translating it all across the world:

German Europe by Ulrich BeckEnglish world rights (Polity)
Spanish world rights (Paidos)
Brazil (Paz e Terra)
Portugal (Ediçoes 70)
Arabic world rights (Al Kamel)
France (Autrement)
Italy (Laterza)
Norway (Abstrakt)
Korea (Dolbegae)
Japan (Iwanami)
Poland (PWN)
Hungary (Belvedere Meridoniale)
Bulgaria (K&X)
Greece (Patakis)

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German Europe
Ulrich Beck
German Europe