Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize for Katja Petrowskaja & Ernst-Willner-Prize for Heinz Helle


We are proud to announce that this year, at the Festival for Literature in German Language in Klagenfurt, our authors Katja Petrowskaja and Heinz Helle were rewarded for their achievements.

Katja Petrowskaja was awarded the prestigious Ingeborg-Bachmann Prize, receiving 25,000 Euros. Her text, entitled Vielleicht Esther (Perhaps Esther) tells the tale of a babushka living in Nazi-occupied Kiev.

»Wonderful, vigorous, simple and lightly spun«, the Jury commented.

»German contemporary literature is now richer for such a clever, flamboyant and highly independent voice« Die Zeit

Her eponymous collection of stories will be published in January 2014.

© Susanne Schleyer

Heinz Helle was awarded the Ernst Willner Prize for his extract from his upcoming novel Superabundance (The Reassuring Sound of Exploding Kerosin). The prize includes 5,000 Euros.
In her presentation of the winner, the literary critic and member of the jury Daniela Strigl said:
»We all know that feeling, when talk and dialogue leads to nothing more than even deeper misunderstanding. Helle subtly demonstrates what it means to grow apart. Even in the midst of national football frenzy, he, the naked man perched on a traffic light, describes the scene from above and peers over his own shoulder. The more he seeks to be original, the more of a stereotype he becomes. He gambles away his life and that of his child. Helle follows his woeful hero with humour.«

© Jürgen Bauer

Reading material for both winning texts will be available shortly and sent out on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.



Heinz Helle
Maybe Esther
Katja Petrowskaja
Maybe Esther