Just published: Suhrkamp Authors Around the World – December 2020, issue 1


We are delighted to present to you our latest arrivals:

First row (from left to right):

Peter Handke, Wunschloses Unglück: Slovenian edition published by Beletrina, translated by Amalija Maček

Bertolt Brecht, Der kaukasische Kreidekreis: Norwegian edition published by Oktober, translated by Øyvind Berg

Axel Honneth, Anerkennung: French edition published by Gallimard, translated by Pierre Rusch

Viktor von Weizsäcker, Natur und Geist: Japanese edition published by Hosei UP, translated by Bin Kimura, Makoto Hashizume, Ichiro Kishimi, Hitoshi Itoh

Second row (from left to right):

Durs Grünbein, Porzellan: English edition published by Seagull, translated by Karen Leeder

Barbara Beuys, Paula Modersohn-Becker: Japanese edition published by Misuzu Shobo, translated by Yoshiro Fujikawa

Paul Celan, Poems (selection): Slovenian/German edition published by Beletrina, translated by Vid Snoj

Third row (from left to right):

Hans Erich Nossack, Der Untergang: Greek edition published by Skarifima, translated by Alexandros Kypriotis

Ludwig Hohl, Die seltsame Wendung: French edition published by Nouvel Attila, translated by Antonin Moeri

Thomas Bernhard / Peter Hamm, Sind Sie gern böse?: Italian edition published by Portatori d’Acqua, translated by Elsbeth Gut Bozzetti

Alexander Kluge, Wer ein Wort des Trostes spricht, ist ein Verräter: English edition published by Seagull, translated by Alta L. Price

Axel Honneth
Durs Grünbein
The End
Hans Erich Nossack
The End
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
Peter Handke
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams