Just published: Suhrkamp Authors Around the World – November 2014, Issue 3


We are delighted to present to you our latest arrivals:

First row (from left to right):

Peter Weiss, Die Ästhetik des Widerstands (Volumes 2 & 3): Swedish edition published by Bonniers, translated by Ulrika Wallenström

Second row (from left to right):

Niklas Luhmann, Politische Soziologie: Spanish edition published by Trotta, translated by Iván Ortega Rodriguez
Paul Celan, Later Poetry: English edition published by FSG, translated by Pierre Joris
Marcel Beyer, Kaltenburg: Turkish edition published by Ayrinti, translated by Levent Bakac

Third row (from left to right):

Alexander Kluge, Der Luftangriff auf Halberstadt am 8. April 1945 - English edition published by Seagull, translated by Martin Chalmers
Siegfried Kracauer, Das Ornament der Masse - Russian edition published by Ad Marginem, translated by Aleksandr Filippov-Cechov