Lutz Seiler wins the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2020


We are excited to announce that Lutz Seiler has been awarded the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2020, fiction category, for Star 111.


From the Jury's statement:

»Star 111, spectral it shines. Legenday GDR radio production, pure love for a young woman, the starry distance of poetry just like the star that lures the parents of the novel’s hero to the West. This novel shines from every angle and does so with a philanthropic humour. […] In Lutz Seiler’s masterful novel the reordering of things in a space where no order applies anymore all of a sudden is described on a grand scale and in minute detail in an amalgamation of historiography and private fairy tale. The author superimposes a sensuous chronology onto the historical events: that of a nascent poet and young man who finds himself without parents, sets out on the path into a poetic existence.

Not least of all, Star 111 talks about – without having to make use of the gestus of the ›reunification novel‹ – the heartbeat of the centre of Berlin changing within a very short timeframe, first come the artists and the bricklayer, then the prostitutes, the tourists. While the older generation explores the world.«

The Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair is awarded in three categories (Fiction, Non Fiction, Translation) and is endowed with EUR 60.000 in total.

For more information please visit the author's Foreign Rights Website or contact the respective Rights Manager.

Star 111
Lutz Seiler
Star 111