Suhrkamp presents Classics from the Backlist: Shipwreck with Spectator


Rediscover Hans Blumenberg's essay Shipwreck with Spectator, a classic that offers new dimensions to the understanding of the current situation in Europe and throughout the world:

That which has been adapted and elaborated, the imaginative orientation that has been gained is condensed in great metaphors and allegories. One of those ubiquitous impressions is that of life as a sea journey. It encompasses everything from being put to see and returning, harbours and strange coasts, anchorage and navigation, the storm and the lull, distress at sea and wreckage, to the sheer will to survive and the mere observation of it. This metaphor delivers the outline of a whole made up of various conditions and possibilities, but also the limits of the seemingly impossible, which is offered to others as sailor’s yarn at best.

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Shipwreck with Spectator
Hans Blumenberg
Shipwreck with Spectator