Ulli Lust wins the Max und Moritz-Award 2018



For her graphic novel Wie ich versuchte, ein guter Mensch zu sein Ulli Lust is to receive the 2018 Max and Moritz Prize in the category of Best German-language Comic. The winners of the most important prize for graphic literature and comic art in the German-speaking world will be announced on 1 July 2018 at the International Comic Salon in Erlangen. This year sees the prize being awarded for the 18th time.

From the Jury's statement:
»In How I Tried to Be A Good Person Ulli Lust works through an explosive ménage-à-trois which culminates in attempted murder in a Vienna of the early 1990s.

Uninhibited and relentless, she dives into the darkest depths while connecting her experiences to grand themes: love and sex, up through and beyond both age and cultural limits; women's sexual autonomy; alternative families and relationship models; ethnic stereotypes; the politics of immigration; and the dream of a different society.

And she manages to convince us, for Ulli Lust does not depict herself as either a victim or a perpetrator, but as a young, at times rather naive, egoistic and sexually demanding woman overwhelmed by her rolls as a partner, lover, and mother.«

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