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Friederike Mayröcker

And I Shook my Beloved

Spiegel Online: »Have you ever considered writing, rather straightforwardly and at length, about your relationship with Ernst Jandl?« Mayröcker: »I’ve thought about it, but I need time.« Interview from October 26, 2001

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Dana Ranga


Dana Ranga’s poems are stations on a journey through the depths of the ocean and at the same time scenes from a sub-aquatic film. Against this strange underwater backdrop, fish and man encounter each other in a series of rapidly changing scenes, and the play of transformations begins: the air breathers grow gills and the deep-sea dwellers develop all too human passions.

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Lutz Seiler

in field latin

in field latin or in other words: to exist in a field of language, and at the same time explore a landscape’s legends, how they come to one’s ears, in walks, in whispers, in silence. Lutz Seiler’s new poems, written between 2004 and 2010, set off on expeditions into the borderlands surrounding Berlin, into the middle of the »syntax of this region«, marked by time’s relentless change.

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Clemens J. Setz

The Ostrich Trumpet

Why did young women in the nineteenth century like to stick sharp needles in their mouths in the dark? What is it that prevents someone from being a great lover? And what do childless parrots do?

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Hans-Ulrich Treichel

Der einzi­ge Gast

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